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Knockout-Kendo.js - a set of Knockout.js bindings for Kendo UI Live Options The binding accepts all of the options that can be specified for the widget. However, when bound against an observable, these live options will update the widget or respond to updates from interactions with the widget.

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Gray Out/Block Unavailable Time on Kendo Scheduler (JS ... Gray Out/Block Unavailable Time on Kendo Scheduler (JS) Finally, below are the functions that do all the work. BlockOffTime() loops through each time slot on the Scheduler, determines if the slot falls during business hours, and if it doesn't - we add the customNonwork CSS class to it. Also, in the isBusinessHour() function,... Events In Kendo Scheduler - The kendo Scheduler have different views like Day view, week view, month view, agenda view and timeline view which can be implement using data-view property as in the following code: < div data-role = "scheduler"